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Steak and kidney pie
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:38:10 pm »
We have a shop in the city that has operated for over 30 years. They used to be across the street from where I worked, right in the heart of downtown. I would go there regularly for their little meat pies. But then, tragedy... they moved waaaay up to the northwest, opposite side of town from where I lived, so it had been years since I had their steak and kidney pie. Finally went to the new location a year or so ago, because they had the larger size on sale so I stocked up on several different ones. Learned my lesson - the best ones are STILL the steak and kidney ones, even the just steak ones don't measure up. The steak is more tender, the gravy part is more tasty! I just had one for lunch today and they are almost too big for one meal, but I cleaned my plate. I would like to go to England and try one now to see if they measure up to the Bon Ton's! There's another company around called Simple Simon's that makes them, but they do not measure up.

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